Chris Preble » Welcome To 4th Grade

Welcome To 4th Grade

Hello there!  I am happy to welcome you and your student into my classroom!  I am so excited to start this year off!  I love working with this age group because of their enthusiasm and excitement for learning.  I too have this same enthusiasm and excitement and love to help student experience the wonders of our world and am truly blessed to be a teacher! 
I am a hometown Kearney girl.  I graduated from KHS and went to college at UNK.  I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Early Childhood Education. 
I have been teaching for 28 years.  I have taught all grades K-6....except 2nd grade!  I have truly enjoyed teaching all of them.  Through the years though, 4th grade has been one of my favorite grades.  I love the relationships that have been built with my students and families over the years.  One thing that I believe is a tribute to the success of each student is the open communication between home and school.  Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions or concerns you may have. 
Here are some little known facts about me: 
1. My daughter Taylor will be going off to college at UNL.
2. I have no specific favorite color.  I love them all.  
3. I love chocolate... especially dark chocolate. 
4. Coffee with my favorite creamer is one of my favorite drinks.....a must        have in the morning! 
5. My family is outdoorsy.....we camp, fish, boat, kayak, sight see. 
6. I am a grandma........and I love it!!  
7. I am a big football fan.....
8. My husbands name is Chris as well......crazy right!